Tips for Choosing the Right Baby Crib
Tips for Choosing the Right Baby Crib

Tips for Choosing the Right Baby Crib

You need to choose the right baby crib. Your baby’s nursery and bed or crib should be very safe. Parents should know that the crib and bedroom are the first areas where babies start their exploration stage. Unfortunately, there’s always minimum supervision in these two areas. Thus, these areas should be free from any potential hazards and traps.

Safety first

You should check your baby’s furniture to make sure it complied with the set requirements. Besides, you should always use furniture that’s appropriate for the age of your baby. This is much important for parents who opt to buy previously owned furniture pieces or passed on as gifts by family and friends.

Let’s take antique cribs for instance—they have beautiful and unique designs. However, the spaces between the slats don’t meet the recommended standards of not more than 23/8 inches. These spaces are designed to reduce the possibility of your baby’s head getting caught in between.

Besides, the finishing might comprise of old layers of lead-based paint, which is very harmful to babies. With new furniture pieces, you can be assured that they have the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) safety certification seal. Besides, any fabric used in a baby’s rooms, including curtains, sheets, and sleepwear, should be flame retardant.

With that, let’s look at the top tips for choosing a baby crib

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